About Diane

Diane C

Photograph by Ben P Nicholson

Diane C Nicholson tells the story of how her mother used to say that, although some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, with her daughter, that spoon was a horseshoe.

Growing up in New York City made spending time with horses difficult, but Diane found ways. Drawn to all animals of all species, at a young age, Diane could be found picking up worms in puddles and placing them in a safe area.

This innate love of animals grew and at the age of 14, she landed one of the sought-after jobs at the Children’s Zoo in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC. She helped raise all types of orphaned animals from starlings to owls, from fawns to harbour seal pups. While working there for 5 seasons, her empathy and understanding of all non-human animals blossomed. ¬†

As a vegan, she continues advocating for animals and rescuing when the opportunity presents itself.

Alongside her love of animals, a love of photography developed. She learned the art by using her first Brownie camera at the age of 6 and honed her skills through the decades as technology in the industry advanced. 12 years in the Professional Photographers of Canada saw her competing and winning awards as well as taking advantage of workshops and seminars.

When combined, these two skill sets merge to create a photographer who works hard to capture that expression, that connection between species, that love of life that makes living with animals so appealing.

Diane is also an author, with 6 stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, many magazine major newspaper articles and is working on a new, exciting book.  Stay tuned for details!

Diane is available for speaking engagements on how to photograph the soul of your companion animal, and for commissioned photo sessions and photo art.

Twin Heart Photo Productions (named after twin sons who died the day they were born in 1983) began in 1987.