thumbnail September 25, 2014 How to Photograph a Black Dog

First of 2 parts.   Black is the new black. Good lighting makes or breaks an image and it makes or breaks a professional photographer.  But there are many things that shelters, rescuers and other — Read more

thumbnail September 21, 2014 The Loss of Our Twin Sons

    I’m departing from companion animals for this post.  That’s because today would be the 31st birthday of our twin sons, Joshua Cade and Cole Stuart, had they lived. Today, my husband, Harry, and — Read more

thumbnail August 29, 2014 The Reality of 4H Clubs

I really dislike this time of year in Armstrong, BC. Not only are the vast amounts of tourists making life difficult for those of us who live here, but also it’s the season of the — Read more

thumbnail November 11, 2013 The Companion Animal Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I did have a contest to name it and, although there were some great names that came in, all of them are already in use by others.  And since I — Read more